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What we do + how we work

    •    We selectively buy, sell, and trade vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories, with the public
    •    We buy according to demand, condition, and inventory levels.
    •    Items must be in clean, sellable condition, free of mothballs or other odors
    •    We pay 10% cash or 20% store credit of the price tags that we apply to your items
    •    You do not wait for your items to sell before you receive your money, you get cash or trade on the spot
    •    The cash option is only available on the day that items are brought in, credit cannot be converted to cash at a later date
    •    Please do not take offense if we cannot purchase your items
    •    Once we buy the clothes, they are not yours to be returned. We are the full owners.

Please respect our prices

All purchases/sales are final

1. Send us 3 photos of your items: photo:

    - front photo

    - back photo 3, 

    - photo of the label(please select lower resolution/small files on your device)

2. Please send optional photo #4 if there is damage to the item but you feel like it might still be accepted.

3. Be sure to represent your items accurately and take additional photos of any excessive wear or damage. Approved items that are not accurately represented by the customer, will be donated with no payment to the customer.